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fun fact: Pig ‘n a poke isn’t  just a breakfast item, it’s a double euphemism that describes the plot of this episode

Pig ‘n a poke is slang for getting a bad deal, which is what Dean got all the Tuesdays he was in Mystery Spot. Back in the olden days people would go to market and buy a suckling pig to raise. The shop owner would put the piglet into a bag, or poke, for them to carry home. But if the customer wasn’t paying attention the shop owner might cheat them by putting a cat in the poke instead. The customer would go home, open the poke to retrieve their pig but a cat would run out of the bag. That’s why let the cat out of the bag is slang for revealing a secret

When Gabriel ate his pancakes with strawberry syrup instead of his usual maple he let the cat out of the bag. And because Sam was being vigilant and noticed this he didn’t get stuck with another pig ‘n a poke Tuesday

the more you know holy fuck

This is one show I’m okay with people analyzing like this because OMG

Supernatural is a great show to analyze because we know that writers like Jeremy Carver and Robbie Thompson like to use subtext to help tell their stories. And Jeremy seems fond of wordplay so his episodes are especially fun to interpret

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Get to know me meme: 
Favorite male characters, Castiel [10/10]

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you’re dying (x)

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"I saw Satan laughing with delight
the day the  m u s i c  died.”


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